Not Just Sammaches Food Truck

Serving delicious food around Stamford CT
Let us be your Hunger Heroes

About Us

Not just SAMMACHES is the materialization of a dream for our family. Behind the grill is the Hunger Hero himself. To protect his real identity from any danger, we call him The Chef. The Chef has been in the culinary world and in the business of being a Hunger Hero for over two decades. Just like this truck, The Chef is born and raised in Stamford, CT and he carries a passion for this town, community, and of course for comics! Hence why he chose to be the Hunger Vigilante around this town.

At Not just SAMMACHES you will taste combinations that you have never thought of before, all from the hands of a competent and creative culinary professional. Keep your eyes out for The Chef Specials, and be ready to be rescued from the hunger villain!

If you are ever hungry, light up a “truck-signal” in the sky (or just look up our location if you don’t have a big enough spotlight) and let us be your Hunger-Heroes!

Catering and Private Events

Bring our truck to your party! Not just SAMMACHES has a special menu to cater to all types of parties. Tell us what your needs are and we will assemble a personal menu just for you.

Contact us for more details.